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Primary function of the wine was to accompany meals and affectionate family gatherings. Unfortunately, we seem to have lost sight of wine's basic purpose. In far too many cases, it has become a luxury item that is reserved for special occasions. Now it has so many associated pretensions that lots of us feel intimidated when we buy wine lest we choose the "wrong" one.

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    Wine critics and wine publications tell us which are the "best" wines by using scoring systems. Many people have become wine collectors who have accumulated cellars full of 95 point wines that they can't afford or don’t know how to drink. In many ways enjoying wine has become a competitive event!

   Admittedly, wine is different from other beverages in that it has the ability to develop and improve with age. Let's face it, there is something inherently cool about drinking a wine on your 30th birthday that is as old as you are.

    Wine sometimes reflects the environment that the grapes were grown in and the personality of the winemaker. While other beverages are expected to taste the same year in and year out, wine from the same producer will have different characteristics every year depending on the particular vintage conditions.

    Nevertheless, it is important not to lose sight of the idea that wine shouldn't be worshipped or feared. It is made for the purpose of providing enjoyment and our enjoyment of wine should not be constrained by rules or the dictates of "experts". Unlike most other beverages, wine has an exceptional affinity with food.

    So don't be afraid to drink a red wine with fish or to open Bordeaux even if the experts say it is "too young". Be adventurous. Try wines from every wine region. Boldly try some unconventional wine and food matches. Make your own decisions about whether you like the wine or the way it tastes with food. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. You shouldn't be told how to enjoy your wine.

So, let's begin to explore the fascinating and fun world of wine. Cheers!

Vinci Pacific

Why Choose Wines of Macedonia?

Republic of Macedonia, known as the “the pearl of the Balkans", is a sunny, pristine and mountainous country situated in the center of Southeast Europe. The Mediterranean Sea and the mountains in the Northest, which serve as natural
barrier reducing the penetration of cold air from the North, influence the climate. The geographical position of Macedonia, coupled with its fertile soil and warm climate, contributes to creation of favorable conditions for growing grapes, and formation of intense flavors and aromas of specific grape varieties.

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