Ezimit Vino Winery

Ezimit Vino is one of the first privately owned wineries in the Republic of Macedonia and it is established in 1993. In the year of 2001, Ezimit Vino got rebuild as one of the most modern wineries in South Eastern Europe. It has been proclaimed to be the 4th most modern winery in Europe by the Austrian Wine Knights. Ezimit Vino Winery received honorable panel from the Austrian Wine Knights that proves its commitment to ecological and healthy wine production. The honorable panel has been issued to only four wineries in the world.

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    The winery possesses bottling facility, distillery, barrique department, laboratory, and warehouse. Ezimit Vino Winery strives to integrate its long-lived tradition of grape growing and wines, which has been present throughout the centuries in Macedonia, with the latest wine producing technology.

    The aim of the company's business policy is creation of strategic and partnership relations with its customers, which result in reciprocal feeling of commitment and loyalty. Ezimit Vino is ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP certified company from 2005, which stands for its excellent production practices that incorporate the latest findings in the area of food safety. The management and the personnel of Ezimit Vino are completely committed to follow the newest world trends in the winemaking industry. Ezimit Vino winery aspires to be a leading company in wine industry that respects its associates and customers – matching consumer taste with wines for every occasion.

Wine Production

    The wines are made in special vinificators, which are designed in accordance to the needs of the winery and the consumers. Each grape undergoes a specific fermentation process that is programmed in the wine producing equipment. The important chemical parameters and the fermentation process are constantly monitored, controlled and documented by a team of professional and well-experienced enologists. The storage of the wines is done in inox made containers.
    Special care is taken of the production of high quality red and white wines. All preconditions for high quality wines are met. During the harvest the fruits are placed into crates that prevent grapes from being crashed and fermented during transportation. These high quality wines are aged for 12 months in oak barrels, and are under constant quality control from the barrique department. As well, in the near future the sparkling wines will be part of the wine assortment of Ezimit Vino.

Ezimit Vino Wines and Vineyards

    The vineyards are with average age of 20 years and surface area of 440 hectares. In regard to grape varieties, the microclimate of Macedonia enables growing and harvesting of the following wine grapes: Vranec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Kratosija, Plavac, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, and Zupljanka. Devoted agronomists and wine specialists take exceptional care of the vineyards all around the year with ecologically certified treatments.

    The harvest is done manually and it starts when ideal preconditions are met. In addition, the remainings of an antic winery in the very near surrounding of the vineyard prove that the wine tradition has been nourished and preserved throughout the centuries in these regions.

Dudin Winery

Dudin Winery is situated in the rural county of Povardarie. Its location is relatively close to the archeological site Stobi that dates from the second century before the new era. The winery was established in 1989 as a family enterprise. The love and passion for growing grapes and producing quality wines have been present in Dudin family for a long time. The wine tradition has been carried over for years from generation to generation. In the year of 2004, the winery was completely renovated and rebuild. Today Dudin operates as modern winery that deploys contemporary technology and wine producing methods.

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    Dudin Winery is certified by HACCP. The numerous prices and medals that have been received and won on various domestic and international wine fairs stand for Dudin Winery’s commitment to quality:

1. Golden Medal at Skopje Wine Fair 2005 (Macedonia)
2. White Wines Champion in the region of Negotino (Macedonia)
3. Golden Medal for all wines at Kavadarci Wine Gathering (Macedonia)
4. Golden Sun Medal from the Macedonian Ministry of Economy (Macedonia)

    Dudin Winery is located in the Tikvesh wine region, right along the river Vardar, where the soil and the climate provide favorable conditions for growing and harvesting quality grape varieties. The vineyard region is close to the Mediterranean climate, which ensures that the grapes get plenty of sunshine. Special attention is paid to the control of crops, the determination of technological maturation, and the beginning of grape gathering. The goal is to reach the optimal balance of grape acids and sugars, attaining maximum physiological ripeness accompanied with well-matured tannins. During the grape gathering – grapes are being picked by hand and packed in 12 kilograms wooden fruit boxes – Dudin Winery carefully selects grapes that are well matured and healthy. More importantly, during the process of growing grapes pesticides and herbicides are not used.

    Dudin Winery has its own vineyards of Rhine Riesling variety on granite limestone soil that is rich in calcium. The vineyards reside on 450 meters above the sea level. The rest of the grape varieties - Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot - are provided from subcontractors with which the winery has excellent cooperation and relations. A team of professionals and experts controls the processes of grape growing and harvesting.

Wine Production

    During the wine production, Dudin Winery pays special attention to the minimum roughness of the sweet-wort and the wine. As well, latest technology is being used during the process of production. The annual capacity of the winery is 500,000 liters, plus 200,000 liters in wooden barrels. The containers for modification, which store the wine, are made of non-rusting steal – inox. For the vinification process of red wine, modern vinificators with capacity of 10,000 liters are used that have integrated automatic system for cooling and bedewing.

    The maceration process takes from 7 to 12 days. The fermentation temperature is being constantly controlled and adjusted (cooled or warmed) accordingly. Delestaz technology is being used for the production of aromatic and fruity wines. During the vinification process of white wines modern grape-grinder and pneumatic pressure machine are utilized. The vinification process is done with permanent control of the fermentation temperature. Most of the time, the fermentation is done at the temperature of 12 Celsius degrees that makes possible production of white wines with exotic aroma and elegant structure.
    During the vinification process and the wine preservation there is a constant control of the wine quality that is done at private laboratory with sophisticated equipment. The facilities for wine production, storage and care are air-conditioned. Further, the temperature and the humidity are constantly monitored and controlled, which are essential for the wine quality. The wines at Dudin Winery are bottled by hand and each bottle has a piece of enthusiasm and love from the passionate wine makers.

Dudin Wines

    Dudin wines are one of the finest in the Balkan region. Concerning the red wines assortment, Dudin Winery produces Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Similarly, the winery has a tradition of producing quality white wines from the grape varieties of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling. As well, Dudin Winery makes rose wine from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. The pride of the winery is the special barrique wines: Akrato Barrique Merlot, Akrato Barrique Cabernet Sauvignon, and Akrato Barrique Chardonnay. These unique wines are aged for 12 months in French and American oak barrels.
    The main export markets for Dudin wines are the Western European countries of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Netherlands. As well, Dudin Wines are sold in the United States and Canada.

Popova Kula Winery

Undoubtedly, wine is one of the oldest and traditionally best-quality products of Macedonia. Over the centuries values and customs have changed in Macedonia. Nevertheless, its favorable climate and soil conditions for production of quality wines still remain. Popova Kula Winery regards winemaking as an honorable obligation that further nurtures Macedonian traditional values. The winery is fully committed to creating premium quality wines that have distinctive Macedonian flavors and aromas.

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    Popova Kula Winery and its vineyards are situated on the South slopes of Grand Hill (Veliko Brdo) in Demir Kapija valley – southeastern part of the Macedonian Central wine region. The micro region of Demir Kapija valley has excellent environment and soil for grape harvesting. Several of the oldest archeological sites discovered in this area entail that winemakers in this region used to grow vineyards and produce wine since the 13 century BC.

    Popova Kula Winery is among the few winemakers in the Balkans that still grows abundant number of indigenous Macedonian grape varieties, such as Stranushina, Prokupec, Zilavka, and Temjanika. Likewise, the winery produces wine from the prominent Macedonian grape variety Vranec and dreams for the day of its introduction to the world market as the next big red. Through its clear vision and dedication to the highest standards, Popova Kula Winery makes one of the most exceptional and admirable wines in Macedonia. Even with its wines from the first harvests, the winery received number of awards on different wine challenges:

1. Golden medal for Vranec Perfect Choice 2005 at Wine Fair Split 2009 (Republic of Croatia)
2. Golden medal for Vranec Perfect Choice 2005 at Wine Festival Vinoskop 2008 (Republic of Macedonia)
3. Golden medal for Cabernet Sauvignon Perfect Choice 2005 at Royal Wine Challenge 2009 (Republic of Serbia)
4. Golden medal for Cabernet Sauvignon Perfect Choice 2005 at Wine Fair Mostar 2009 (Republic of Croatia)
5. Golden medal for Cabernet Sauvignon Perfect Choice 2005 at Wine Fair Split 2009 (Republic of Croatia)

Wine Production

    Popova Kula Winery uses small stainless steel tanks for wine fermentation, which provides better control and regulation of the temperature in each tank independently during each phase of the fermentation process. To develop complex aromas and tastes, the barrique department deploys American, French, Hungarian and Macedonian oak barrels with different degrees of toasting. Within the winery there is temperature controlled storage facility and box pallets for aging of bottled wines. Furthermore, the winery is equipped with modern laboratory for conducting wine and grape analysis.

Popova Kula Wines and Vineyards

    Popova Kula Winery produces wine from 11 different grape varieties: Stranushina, Vranec, Prokupec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvognon Blanc, Temjanika, Chardonnay, Zilavka, Muscat Ottonel, and Muscat Hamburg. In its own vineyards, the winery grows Stanushina, Vranec and Cabernet Sauvignon, and small local grape growers supply the other varieties. In the Demir Kapija valley there are more than 700 families that have possession of small vineyards. Popova Kula Winery has chosen to work with several vineyards, which are located within 10km from the winery and offer exceptional grape quality. Through out the year, the winery closely works with the chosen grape suppliers in order to ensure the highest quality and health of its grapes. During the harvest grapes are hand picked, placed in small caskets, and brought to the winery immediately.

Skovin Winery

The tradition of wine production in Republic of Macedonia dates back to Roman times. Throughout the centuries, due to the favorable geographical position and the climate, Macedonians were able to cultivate autochthon sorts of grapes that gave the wine specific taste and aroma. Skovin Winery continues the century-old tradition of wine production in the Skopje vineyards. The region is known for the unique taste of its grapes that carry flavor of the sharp winter ice and the sun of the long dry summers.

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    The wine cellar Skovin was founded in 1979 in Skopje – capital of the Republic of Macedonia. For the citizens of Skopje, the cellar was known as the place where authentic homemade wine could be found. As of 2002, Skovin Winery was built into a modern wine cellar that follows modern technical and technological trends, and methods of wine production.

    Skovin Winery is ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certified. The numerous awards won on domestic and international wine fairs affirm the quality of Skovin wines:

1. Golden medal "International Agriculture Fair 2003" – Republic of Serbia
2. Silver medal “Wine Ljubljana 2003“ – Republic of Slovenia
3. Silver medal "Muscat du Monde 2003" – France
4. Golden medal “Agro Expo 2003” – Republic of Macedonia
5. Silver medal "The World of Wines 2003" – Republic of Serbia

Skovin Vineyards

    The Skovin vineyards cover an area of 450 hectares in the outskirts of Skopje. They are located far from the industrial region, under the mountainside of Vodno, at the location Markova Reka. The vineyards reside on altitude of 220-500 meters above the sea level. The ecological environment and the year round abundant sunny days – up to 170 days a year – add to the high percentage of sweetness and quality of the grapes. The moderate air humidity and the Mediterranean mild warmth, allow the sugar contents to significantly increase, stimulating harvests of high quality fruits.
The ever-demanding French connoisseurs in the early 20th century claimed that the location and other qualities of Macedonia are even more favorable and rewarding for wineries than the soil of their famous Bordeaux.

    Skovin vineyards produce 4,000 tons of grapes per year. However, the wine cellar Skovin has capacity to process 23,000 tons of grapes per year. Therefore, additional quantities of basic supplies, needed to fulfill the production program, are purchased from the Povardarie region that is equally fertile and rich in quality vineyards.
    Skovin Winery, like any other ambitious producer of quality wines, has its own air-conditioned storage tanks of stainless steel and wooden barrel with annual capacity of 16 million liters.

Wine Production

    TThe wine substance is carefully preserved from mixing with other materials and ingredients. The temperature level is maintained throughout the process of wine stabilization that further spreads over the whole system of filters. Modern and sophisticated machines and methods are imperative, and represent the basis of the whole production process.
    The expert teams of Skovin Winery, which conduct protective and stimulating activities within the internal laboratory, ensure that the basic parameters for wine production are regularly controlled. Skovin wine makers in search of new “energetic push” to increase the sensitive values of wine constantly follow innovations coming from the competent services of the Faculty for Agriculture and the Institute for Agriculture. The laboratory equipment, purchased from foreign suppliers, is in trend with the latest generation of wine techniques and technology.

    Special care is taken by the expert teams of Skovin Winery to preserve and improve the quality of wines. They attentively determine the timing of the harvest. Lately, priority is given to the night harvesting which significantly contributes to better grape freshness.
    The process of separating the juice from the grapes is no longer done mechanically. Instead, a vacuum extraction is deployed that prevents the structure of grapes to be damaged. The latter is considered to be an important quality point in the efforts to nourish and keep the old values of wine production.

    The ambitions of the team, consisting of educated oenologists, do not stop with the already achieved results and success. In addition to finalizing majority of the new technological processes, they have recently introduced another important stage: bottling plant based on the model of the Italian Alfatek, with a production capacity of 3,000 bottles per hour. The design of wine bottles is essential element of the final spectacle of the complex wine production process. The bottling itself, without the sophisticated system, would not result in quality-assorted wines produced by Skovin Winery. The bottling in Skovin Winery is guided by the French philosophy of: “A bottle is wine's outfit". That outfit created by Skovin Winery has become more attractive not only for the selective eye of domestic and foreign customers, but also for its sense of aroma and taste.

Red Wines

    The production of red wine is regarded to be an art. It allows wine makers to express their style and skills. Variables are plenty: time spent on lees, adequate fermentation temperature, extraction of color, period of ripening in wooden barrels (barrique), type of barrel, as well as proper wine.

    The color of the wine consists of anthocyanins, natural pigments that are present in many plants. Most of the pigments in the grapes are in mutual chemical coherence, and their color to a large extent depends on the pH-value and other factors. Some colored tannins are also present, and their concentration and molecular structure increase along with the ageing process of wines. Thus, in old wines the increase is considerable which creates sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

White Wines

    Perhaps the greatest achievement of Skovin Winery in recent years has been the considerable progress in terms of white wine production. The latter grants Skovin dominance over the other wineries in the region. The outstanding improvements in the wine production process are result of:

• Better grape varieties of Chardonnay, Semillon, and Muscat Ottonel,
• More intense control of the ripeness and the condition of the grapes,
• Process of cooling during the period of vinification in order to preserve the taste and the aroma,
• Prevention from oxidation – the operations are carried out under protection of inert gas and low temperatures,
• Minimization of the wine transfer,
• Careful supervision of the pH value, free SO2 and other parameters, and
• Efficient control of quality in the most sophisticated laboratory through all phases of production.

Sparkling Wines

    Skovin Winery uses a traditional method for the production of sparkling wines. The method is based on creation of carbon dioxide inside the bottle as a product of the secondary alcohol fermentation. The dry base wine is produced in the same way as all light white wines, except that before bottling the so-called” liquer de tirage”, a sweetened wine, is added. Lastly, selected yeast is being added and the bottle is corked.

Skovin Wines

    SSkovin wines are one of the finest in the region. Concerning the red wines assortment, Skovin Winery produces Vranec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah-Cabernet. Similarly, the winery has a tradition of producing quality white wines from the grape varieties of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat Ottonel. Additionally, Skovin Winery makes excellent sparkling wines, and rose wine from the Pinot Noir grape.